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tfw no trad wife to make me choccy milk and file my taxes

TappyWara responds:


This needs to be made into its own series!

I'm almost certain I saw a TempleOS reference in this episode

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This game is super addictive and fun to play. Would honestly love to see a full release with even more Newgrounds worlds.

uwu kissy kissy so kawaii desu I love a good sexily rendered sphere from the Unity Engine!

This was so romantic that I ended up shaving my hair and sending an acid bomb to Björk before blowing my brains out.

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This was a lot to take in. It managed to be both enlightening and multifaceted. I feel like this podcast addressed two major points. The first point was about how the internet (and the powers that be) want to accelerate the process of content creation while keeping the profits up. But your other point dealt a lot in nostalgia and how the pain of losing what "once was" has personally affected you.

In regards to nostalgia and its lasting pain on the soul, I feel like the best method of healing, is by sharing your "wounds" with other people from other backgrounds. I guess that's why I prefer talking with the elderly. I'm only now starting to feel the wounds that nostalgia brings. But sharing that with my uncles, aunts, and grandparents has given me perspective I would have never had if I just bottled it up.

You talked about the internet being more "curated" in the past. But today its one big free-for-all and a race to the bottom. I think that's just how the cookie crumbles. People pioneer; growth happens; people get complacent; quality goes down; a new pioneer is born; rinse and repeat.

Personally, I believe the bigger issue lies with governments, corporations, and large institutions trying to force change on how the internet works, rather than letting it all happen organically. Its pushed out people like nsfw artists, while propping up more wholesome content like story-time animators. Ideally, these two things can exist separate but peacefully from each other. But coming up with that solution would cost too much money, as opposed to just banning people you don't like off your social media site.

I agree with your view that we need more private communities to preserve the arts we grew up with (and want to share with future generations). The way I see it, its like trying to live in the suburbs while working in the city. Newgrounds for me has been that suburb, while all the other big-name sites are like offices that I frequent and goof around in, getting little to nothing done on the job (like a true American). Maybe the term “Web Owner’s Association” will be a term that pops up. But instead of being propped up by Karens, its run by actual cool people.

Stanpai responds:

Thank you for your insightful response. I really appreciate all you had to say. I agree with your perspective.

Damn. I'm just sitting here and finding answers to so many of my biggest frustrations.

When you have a funny joke to tell but Becky with her KPOP pfp catches wind of it.

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Now that's fucking based!

Roger's interview with The Ghost of Kiev didn't go too well.

"I have the power of gamer girl bathwater on my side!" - Nelson Mandela

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