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Posted by MisterFatso - September 20th, 2021


Seems like a bunch of you guys really liked Sue's debut. I'm looking at you @M1roArt

Its great to see you guys in the community like Sue's overall design. Because of all the positive comments and reception, I'll be moving on to developing a reference sheet for her. I have currently received two fanart submissions, so this reference sheet will really help flesh out Sue's design for any future fanart.

Thanks again for all your support. Here's the fanart I have received as of now.


Art by @itsreddqueen on Twitter


Art by @M1roArt on Twitter



Posted by MisterFatso - August 14th, 2021

So I've been gone for more than a month now (but not without good reason). My real life has gotten pretty damn busy and I've been doing everything I can to keep up with my goal of creating a webcomic. Well good news. The first character sheet is complete!

I'd like to introduce you all to Clark. He's a neckbeard demon with an insatiable lust for "oppai". Go ahead and check out his character sheet for more info.



I plan to complete Sue's character sheet next. Most of you haven't seen Sue, but hopefully you will with do time.

Bye for now.



Posted by MisterFatso - June 28th, 2021

Alright folks, I'm finally taking time to work on a webcomic. This is something I've always told myself I would do, but never got around to actually starting. Well no more waiting cuz I gotta start sometime, right? I've set up a structure for the preproduction process which includes making reference sheets, so look forward to that.

Without giving too much away, the comic will be a comedy involving two characters and their daily exploits. The main plot is that one of the characters has an unhealthy obsessive crush on a secondary character. Expect a lot of humor revolving around unrequited love and degenerate thirsting.

I'll be posting on Webtoon, Tapas, and MAYBE my own website when preproduction is done and I have some actual stories to tell. Expect links to be dropped when that happens.

So yeah. Sorry if this post isn't super clear on details. The main take away is that I'm working on something big for a change.


Posted by MisterFatso - June 5th, 2021


Hope you enjoy this travesty of a doodle.



Posted by MisterFatso - April 3rd, 2021

A lot has been happening on Newgrounds since I had been gone. Its kinda sad that I can't always be involved in it, but irl shit has to come first. One thing I CAN say is that I've been getting better at figure drawing. I don't really post much stuff online these days (perfectionism gets the better of me sometimes) but sooner or later you will start to see some stuff come down the pipeline.

I do have Pico Day 2021 marked on my calendar. So look forward to me participating in that.


Posted by MisterFatso - February 28th, 2021

I finally took the dive into Clip Paint Studio. Still using the Free Trial version, but I will definitely be purchasing it when the trial expires.

FireAlpaca was decent, but Vector Lineart is where its at (something FireAlpaca lacks). Thankfully I've never been screwed over by Adobe and their monetization schemes, so that's good.



Posted by MisterFatso - February 3rd, 2021

So I'm actually trying to learn some anatomy for once in my life. Got a course on sale at Udemy that is giving me a lot of great advice. Its great to have a recourse help me out and establish actual rules in my drawing for a change. Plus, I'm finally starting to draw hands better.

Yeah, I could have gotten this stuff for free on YouTube, but putting down $10 gives me more incentive to actually put in the damn work.



Posted by MisterFatso - January 1st, 2021

...and nothing bad ever happened during 2020. Nope, nothing bad at all.

Ok, but in all seriousness, I hope everyone of you guys got through 2020 in one piece (or two if need be). For me, things are just starting to look a bit interesting. So I guess I'll break it all down.


2020 for me was pretty weird. I had just graduated from university, yet nobody was hiring. I would eventually find out that all the entry-level software jobs were getting cut to prevent any more financial losses. So no rookies on the job I guess. Regardless, this gave me a lot of time to focus on other things. I eventually got to practicing art again. Only months after my graduation would I start posting online. And here we are now.


I'm looking to both grow and improve my art skills. I still got ideas for a webcomic, but I think right now is the time for self improvement. What I hope to achieve this year is the ability to design characters in a way that is both consistent and aesthetically pleasing. This means I'll have to get back to studying anatomy, and this time get it right. Its gonna be hard, but I hope you'll all join me on this journey of self improvement.


2020 was a bitch of a year. 2021 probably won't be that much better. But for me, I'm gonna keep pushing on. And nobody is gonna tell me otherwise.



Posted by MisterFatso - October 22nd, 2020

Hello Newgrounds.

I've been doing pencil art for about 7 years (though I could improve) and 1 year doing digital art. I'm trying to grow my skills so that I can make my own web-comics. Hopefully I will reach that goal so long as I keep practicing and improving.

Anyways, I hope to continue my artistic pursuits with the help of Newgrounds and its community.