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The servers are probably gonna crash! So I decided to upload my Pico Day entry one day early!




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Hey guys.

This will be the last time I write any major health updates (for a while anyway). For those out of the loop, I have uveitis in my left eye that appears to be caused by auto immune disease. Last week I was given prescription pills to treat my condition.

As of now, the pills have been a major help in my road to recovery. For the first time in weeks, I was finally able to live my life in relative normality. The redness in my eye has diminished significantly, and my vision has made serious improvements. I can finally wake up from sleep and feel good about myself. And most of all, I can do the activates that I enjoy doing the most, such as drawing.

Unfortunately, I still can't drive a car, nor can I be outside without some form of an eye patch. I'm also still confined to my home, which kind of sucks considering its Spring. But honestly, none of that really bothers me. I finally have my "sense of self" back and I'm no longer in chronic pain. I can finally live my life on my own terms again.

Yeah, that's pretty much it. Nothing too elaborate, but then again that's probably for the best all things considered. Can't wait for Pico Day 2022. See ya then.



Posted by MisterFatso - May 7th, 2022

Hey guys.

So its been a week since my last news post where I was really depressed and sad about my health (inflammation and uveitis in my left eye). I decided that now would be an appropriate time to give an update on me and how things have been going. This time I'll break it all down in a concise and easy to follow format, while leaving out the venting.

Current Health Status:

My left eye is still inflamed. Though it has slowly gotten better over the 3 weeks I have been in this situation. I finally have some medication that actually makes me feel "normal" for a change. Just got it yesterday so things could change. Pain hasn't been nearly as bad since last week. My left eye is still blurry and I'm forced to wear an eyepatch. Right now, the plan going forward is to find a root cause (if possible) and treat it ASAP. Until then, I have to take medication that will increase my eye's ability to fend off the inflammation. But overall, I feel significantly better than last week.

Current Online Status:

A few things have changed since last week. Since I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again, I can devote time to doing things I enjoy. However, I probably won't be uploading anything within the month of May. I also won't be as active online as I was before my illness. This means I'll still be off of sites like Twitter and Instagram (which has done wonders for my sanity). Newgrounds will probably be the only site I'll be logged into for now, as it can give me entertainment without all the extra bullshit. But like I said before, I probably won't be uploading anything on here for a while.

Sue n' Clark Status:

No new progress has been made, and I plan to keep it that way for a while. As much as I've enjoyed working on Sue n' Clark, right now just isn't a good time to get back into it. Ironically, before this illness came up, progress had already started slowing down quite a bit. This was probably because I had made Sue n' Clark my main focus and gave no room for other endeavors. I don't know when I will pick it up again, but I'm certain that when I do, I'll have a newfound energy to pull off the completion of preproduction. Fingers crossed I pull that off before the end of the year.

Other Small Updates:

Since things have returned (somewhat) normal, I'll probably spend some time working on a Pico Day entry for June. Granted its not going to be very elaborate. I'll have 5 weeks to complete it on-time, which for me won't be too bad of a deadline. I'll make sure not to over strain myself. Don't know if I'll participate in any Pico Day themed events (that will depend on my recovery).


A long road is still ahead, but I'm getting better bit by bit. I appreciate all of you who took the time to read my original news post (even if it wasn't the most cheery thing to read). Hopefully this will all be past us in the coming weeks.



Posted by MisterFatso - April 30th, 2022

tl;dr : Health problems have put me on hiatus

This is gonna be pretty long winded and depressing. I've never opened up about stuff this deep, so forgive me if I go on for too long. I've just had a lot on my mind, and only now have I realized how dire things have truly become for me. So after this, I'll be stepping away from NG and my work on Sue n' Clark for a while.

Alright here we go...

For the past two weeks, I have been suffering with inflammation and uveitis in my left eye. Its a horrible condition that has left me partially blind (and at times with a ton of pain). Right now the pain is gone, but the redness is ever present. The eye doctor has told me that the cause is "unknown", but that it may be related to some form of auto-immune disease. We've run through blood work and a chest xray, but have yet to find a root cause. My eye doctor has put me on steroid droplets to try and increase my eye's ability to fix itself. At first, we saw a lot of good progress. My eye began to straiten itself out. My blood work showed that I was generally healthy (username be damned). As far as we can tell I have no chronic health problems. But one night I felt a pain in my eye so horrid, not even Tylenol or Ibuprofen could ease it. The doctor has now told me that I may need to see someone else to give me an injection under my eye. I feel like all my work and progress to get better has been for nothing.

No matter where I go, or who I go to, its like a never ending spiral of problems. First time I got this condition, I was in high spirits that it would be over. I had high hopes that I could weather this health crisis, and all would go back to normal (as it should). But given two weeks of this torture has left me uncertain. For two weeks I have been given "cures" to issues that turned out to be greater than we first expected. With each "cure" being a disappointment or a potential liability, my faith in the medical system, and my ability to get better, has shrunken to new lows. Even with my parents helping me through these hard times, they can only do so much.

And yet, the pain and blindness isn't the worst part. The worst part is seeing all the time go by, as life continues to move without me. Time waits for no man, no matter the situation. I've done all I can to work on Sue n' Clark while under these conditions. My single eye has yet to fail me. But as I've hit week two of this illness, my spirit has begun to fracture. The pain of it all has left me with mental scars I never thought possible. And no matter how hard I try to live a normal life again, its as if this sickness wants to drag me straight to hell.

And so, I have decided to step away from my work on Sue n' Clark, and any NG projects until something happens where I can live my life in relative normality. I can't go on trying to live my life as an artist and fight this horrid illness. I suppose the silver lining to all this, is that I am not financially beholden to anyone here on NG or the wider internet. My work can remain dormant for as long as I need, and I can come back to it (hopefully) stronger than ever.

Until then, I bid all my pals here farewell.



Posted by MisterFatso - March 28th, 2022


I finally have all the major characters for Sue n' Clark fully designed. You can check em' all out below.